Žďárský Potok, 13-15.03.2019

In a time when many are waiting for a spring to come and look out for every sun ray that comes by thier windows, the students from Building Schools in Cieszyn and their friends from partner schools from Havířov, Žilina and Budapest, went on 13.03 to 15.03 to the village Žďárský Potok in Czech Republic, to continue realising project ”Sport yesterday and today” suppotred by the Visegrad Fund.
The main topic of meeting with our neihbours was „LYŽOVÁNÍ VČERA A DNES” (which means: Skiing, Yesterday and Today). We began our visit with a meeting. We met headmasters from a school in Havířov. Then we were selecting our ski equipment, that was necessary to realise the plans of march meeting. When every student and teacher had adjusted their ski or a snowboard, depending on their skills and preferences, we began the journey to our destination. Kilometers passed but it seemed like there would be no proper weather to ski, but in the village we were happily surprised that the weather was full of winter and there were magnificent conditions on the slope. The first evening spent together was all about multi language disco, at which students had a dress code that was a callback to 70’s XX century. Everyone had a great time but even then the major was thinking about the slope and skiing that came the day after. Skiing lasted full day with gaps only for dinner and meeting in the afternoon, the point of the meeting was to present to the participants of the project how skiing changed throughout the years and moreover how many disciplines you can do on skis and snowboard. The most joy was seen on the faces of teenagers when they watched the film about ski ballet, that forgotten discipline was in 80s and 90s of XX century an Olympic discipline, in which Norwegians had spectacular achievements. At the end of
the meeting organizers remainded everyone about sport success of polish ski jumpers with Adam Małysz on the top and amazing success of Czech snowboarder and skier Ester Ledecká, who had won two golden medals at Olympic games in Pjongczang at two different disciplines. After the end of the meeting there was a time for regeneration, just before skiing in the evening. Students of our school spent this time at sightseeing the surroundings. Time went relentlessly fast and three days of our meeting just started but on Friday morning we headed back to Cieszyn and needed to say goodbye to our friends from Czech, Slovacia and Hungary. Fortunately next meeting is planned in June in Slovak Republic

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