Žďárský Potok, 13-15.03.2019



Wisła, 8-10.01.2019

“It’s amazing” is a sentence that, in just three days, has been spoken countless times, not only in English but also in Czech, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian. Everybody was amazed with the beautiful winter, which came to Cieszyn and Wisła, as well as withthe organization of the second meeting within the “Sport then and now” project (financed from the Visegrad Group fund).

Under the slogan “Our grandparents’ games”, the pupils from schools in Budapest, Cieszyn, Havierzów and Žilina came to Wisła, on February 8 – 10, to discover the heritage of their ancestors and share it with their friends from partner schools. The guests started their visit in Poland from the meeting with the headmaster Adam Wojaczek in Technical and Vocational Building School Complex in Cieszyn.Afterwards, theywent to Wisła, where the first game was waiting for them –  sleigh ride.Intense snowfalls caused that everybody was delighted by the views, especially when the sledge moved into the forest covered with snow.

The forenoon of the second day was full of games: chess, board games, card games, French skipping and many, many others. Some of the teachers, Mrs Szweda, Pawlowska and Cader were the most active participants there. The game called “kuliczki” (marble in English) caused great interest. It wasbrought by the pupils and teachers from Hawierzów. Although each of the games was exciting, nothing was better than  a snowball fight, in which teachers also actively participated. After a short rest,we continued the implementation of the project “Sport in the past and today”, this time on the bowling alley. After the equal battle, our priest Jakub Kuliński won the game. The day was full of emotions and we ended it with a bonfire.

Thursday morning wasthe time to summarize the meeting, play the last games and exchange the thoughts among young people and teachers. Although the meeting in Wisła has come to an end, the project is still going on and in March we will meet again, this time in Czech Republic, in Jeseníky to develop the skiing skills on the slopes.


Within the project ‘ Sport Yesterday And Today” realized with the support of Visegrad Fund,a group of students from our school  had the opportunity to go for three days trip along with their Visegrad Group friends to Budapest.

On Tuesday 25th September 2018 the first project enterprise began. After a long trip and a short greeting in Budapest School, students from partnership schools took part in the lecture concerning history of football. Afterwards they competed in a miniquiz. It was the first chance to integrate and make new friends.

On Wednesday our hosts organized football contests. After a forcefull competition, the first place went to the students from Slovakia, second place got to the students from Poland ,the third one was for the Czech Republic, our hosts came in fourth place.

The last day in the capital of Hungary we spent visiting all possible places of interest including museum of sport. We all were under a great impression of this amazing city.

Within the project another three mobilities were planned:

-three-day batch named “Games and Plays of Our Grandparents” in Wisła,

-three-day ski getaway in Jeseniki,

-three-day kayaking in Slovak Orawa


Organizational meeting

On 17th September 2018, an organizational meeting, regarding upcoming departure to mini football competition in Budapest, was held in the secondary school in Havirzów. Students and teachers from partner schools in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland will take part in the tournament. There will be ten students and two teachers from each school. The project coordinator, Mrs. Mirosława Szweda, presented the schedule of the visit and the attractions that the partner school in Budapest prepared for us. In addition to sports activities, the program includes a mini-knowledge quiz about the countries of the Visegrad Group, visiting the Sports Museum, a tour around Budapest and the Margaret Island.
An attractive prize awaits the winning team!